Creative Freedom

The Arts are at the very heart of Moorlands, adding a warmth and energy to school life.

The role of music is highly valued throughout the school. Children are encouraged to learn an instrument and all our pupils receive specialist weekly music lessons.

Children in Year 1 benefit from whole class piano lessons and those in Year 2 learn the recorder. We also have a team of six, dedicated peripatetic staff who offer a variety of instrumental lessons on a one-to-one basis. Our many different ensembles and choirs mean that there is something for everyone!

Drama at Moorlands is a vibrant part of each child’s experience, helping our pupils develop their self-esteem and confidence. Children are encouraged to explore their creativity through improvisation, group and independent work and enjoy specialist drama lessons from the age of two. It is a joy to witness previously shy pupils finding their voice and confidently addressing the whole school in assembly.

Showcasing talent

Moorland pupils have numerous performance opportunities throughout the year to showcase their music and drama skills – to a typically very enthusiastic parent audience!


Art and Design also flourishes at Moorlands

We encourage students from an early age to be experimental and creatively independent and offer them the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills, from drawing and painting to print, textiles and 3-dimentional-sculpture work, including ceramics.

School Climbing wall