House System

At Moorlands we have an outstanding pastoral understanding of our pupils and just one element of this is our caring, busy and exciting House system.  When pupils are in Reception they are sorted into one of the three Houses; Adams, Palin and Sharman; and become part of that family group for their time at Moorlands.

Positions of responsibility are awarded each year (House Captain and Vice-Captain) and pupils take an active role in organising the members of the House and events.

As well as a pastoral group, the House system encourages competition and participation in a variety of events.  Some of which include: photography, music, sports, performance poetry, art and general knowledge.  As well as these we have some rather unusual events; tug-of-war, Easter egg decorating and conkers!  Two very popular House events are Sports Day and the Foxhill Run which see all pupils competing for the coveted historic trophies.  We have a lot of fun and build lasting friendships and understanding between pupils of different ages.