Year 3 Residential to Carlton Lodge

Year 3 had a fantastic time at Carlton Lodge. They conquered the exciting challenges of zip wiring, canoeing, raft building, archery and many more.

Here are some quotes from Year 3 to tell you all about it.

‘My favourite activity was high ropes because it was very fun. I didn’t want to leave!’ – Freddie

‘Climbing up high things is scary at first but when you accomplish them you feel good and proud of yourself. I was scared about going in the lake but then I did it and it felt great!’ – George

‘My most funny time was when someone knocked the raft and we all fell in the middle of the raft into the lake!’ – Henry

‘Carlton Lodge was amazing and I did a lot of activities. Canoeing was scary but I got used to it and then it was fine.’ – Frieda

‘We went on residential and the meals were massive and delicious. Canoeing was amazing, so was raft building and archery. Carlton Lodge was just the best!’ – Theo