Reading is Magic Day

Wizards, witches,superheroes and traditional characters galore descended upon Moorlands for our ‘Reading is Magic’ day and everyone enjoyed exploring the wide variety of magical activities on offer.

First of all, we looked at the tale of Alice in Wonderland and the children worked in pairs to create large and small versions of objects and characters from the story, using plasticine. After this we headed out into the school grounds tocomplete a treasure hunt based on the story ‘Where’s Wally?’ Using grid references, the children worked in teams to locate various characters from the book series, and noted down a letter hidden on the back of each character image to form a mystery word. Once the treasure hunt was complete, we realised that the letters spelled out the word ‘magic’! We then enjoyed finding Miss Holbrook in the school grounds – Wanda is very good at hiding herself away! Finally we made some magical potions, using ‘wizard’s tears’, ‘phoenix feathers’ and ‘vampire blood’ amongst other ingredients!

The day was rounded off with a lovely, relaxing evening spent exploring some stories before bedtime with delicious hot chocolates and tasty toast. What a fantastic day!