As we reach the end of the first half term, the new PSHCE curriculum is firmly embedded and a variety of topics have been openly discussed. The whole school has worked collectively on the Peace Project. Peace Charters have been drawn up after much discussion, pupils have signed their pledge to these and are striving to achieve the goals agreed upon and to make Moorlands a kinder, more respectful school. There have been numerous assemblies, stories, discussions, debates, research completed and lessons learnt around the past—both troubles within school and wars in the wider world—and a focus on how we use this knowledge to progress forwards.

On Thursday, KS2 enjoyed two excellent workshops provided by visiting speakers from the Bradford Peace Museum. Years 3 and 4 concentrated on: the significance of poppies, the role of animals in war and peace symbols which offer hope for a more harmonious future. Years 5 and 6 focused upon political aspects; the role of the United Nations and a study of famous peace makers in the world. The whole of KS2 were complimented by the visiting speakers for their enthusiasm, participation, their extensive knowledge and ability to discuss global issues competently.

Moorlands will continue to build upon the foundations laid this term as we strive to become a school which supports, respects and values everyone, helping the children of today grow into the adults of tomorrow. We will be sharing much of our learning at our Remembrance Service on Friday 9th November when we will commemorate the Centenary of the end of World War I. We hope many of you will be able to join us at the service.

Mrs Wheelhouse