Postcards from the Rainforest


This week, Year 1 children have written postcards from the rainforest, using their vivid imaginations! On their walks through the rainforest, the children heard, saw and touched a wide variety of plants, trees and creatures. It was lovely to see some similes being used to make comparisons.

Here is a selection of descriptions:

‘I saw a sloth who was slow and sleepy’ – Archi
‘The ground was as crunchy as a cracker and I could hear a waterfall that sounded like the ocean’ – Lola
‘I saw a monkey and I swung with it!’ – Johnny
‘The rainforest was as muddy as a mud-bath’ – Ethan
‘I saw a grumpy gorilla’ – Alayna
‘I realised a boa constrictor was wrapping around me!’ – Toby
‘I smelt woody trees, I heard a tiger growling and I touched bumpy trees’ – Alfie
‘I saw a macaw whose feathers were as golden as the sun and as blue as the sea’ – Lucy
‘Parrots were squawking, tigers were roaring and monkeys were swinging’ – Rayyan.

What imaginations you have, Year 1! An excellent effort.