The Digestive System with Year 3 & 4

Last week, Year 3 and 4 were learning about the digestive system in Science. They carried out an experiment to show how food starts in your mouth and how it ends up leaving your body as waste!

Firstly, they put crackers and a banana into a bag (the stomach) with orange juice (acid produced by the stomach). The bag was then squeezed to represent the stomach contracting. Then, the food was poured into a pair of tights (small intestine), where it was squeezed so that all the liquids and nutrients dripped out into the body. Next, the food was poured into a cup (large intestine) where it was squeezed and dried even more, until it eventually left the cup (colon) as faeces, which Year 3 and 4 seemed to find particularly fascinating!

Mr Mather