Anne Frank — In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.

Last week, the Moorland’s pupils collectively presented their work on war and the hope for peace in the future during the Remembrance Service.

Whilst providing an opportunity for children, staff and families to come together in respect of those who have fallen during active service for their country, the service also allowed the pupils to share their understanding of the ravages of war and the need for peace in the future. The children shared their knowledge behind the meaning of the different coloured poppies, paid respects to the military services and the women who worked in the war, honoured the animals who had no choice, considered both the World Wars and modern day wars: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, terrorism and the troubles in Northern Ireland . Other classes considered how we, as individuals, can find peace and we heard the story of the 1914 Christmas truce.

Whilst this year’s Remembrance Service is complete, the message highlighted lives on…. To simply remember is not enough. Moorlands School will continue to work to fulfil the promises made within the Peace Pledges and to contribute towards a harmonious school and conflict free future.

Mrs Wheelhouse