Year 2 Kingswood Residential

On Monday, Year 2‘s adventure to the Peak District began. Beaming with anticipation, we set off in the sunshine ready for a very exciting overnight stay at Kingswood. When we arrived, the children were taken on a tour, shown their dorm rooms and were introduced to their camp leader, Sam.

Our first activity was Bouldering, definitely one of the children’s favourite activities! It included climbing up walls and crawling through a pitch-black tunnel. The children enjoyed finding the treasure that laid within. Next, the children took part in the low-rope activity, where they had to carefully manoeuvre their way along ropes, using their balance and the support of another. Although this was tricky at times, resulting in bending into various different elasticated positions and landing flat faced in the pebbles, the children showed their true intrepid nature and ability to work together.

After, the children took part in Nightline, an activity where the children had to work as a team and guide each other around an assault course blindfolded. With Will confidently leading the way, the children used every other sense other than sight to find their way around. This was tricky at first and resulted in some very soggy socks! After the Nightline, the children made a sturdy raft for their treasured Cake, our beloved class mascot, which they then tested in the reservoir the next day and incredibly, all three rafts stayed afloat and Cake returned to the children’s arms safely.

A fantastic residential had by all, filled with laughter, friendship, courage, singing, marshmallows, hot chocolate and superb food.

Well done to all of Year 2 for making the experience what it was.

Miss Holbrook